About the Durga Puja


In all these years, the DDPS has surprisingly been able to maintain the traditional aura & atmosphere of its Durga Puja Celebrations akin to 'Rajbaris' of Bengal. At DDPS, Durga is always in the traditional 'Daaker Saaj' (with one frame idol), her garments are stylish, crimped decoration in silver and gold, with an intricate glittering crown and huge earrings. On Dashmi evening, when the idols are immersed in the river Yamuna, DDPS arrives with their magnificent but tranquil goddess on bullock cart chanting 'Durga Mai Ki Jai' and drum beats by at least 10-12 dhakis (bengali drummers) accompanied by the men & women in dhoti-Kurta and red bordered saree, respectively.